Technologic Breaks and Beats

This is basically Daft Punk’s Technologic torn to bits. Enjoy! Technologic Breaks and Beats Album Artist: Daft Punk Release: 2005 Genre: House Tracklist: 1. Beat 1 2. Beat 2 3. Beat Loop 1 4. Beat Loop 2 5. Beat Loop 3 6. Beat Loop 4 7. Beat Loop 5 8. Beat Loop 6 9. Beat … Continue reading


Mr. Oizo’s first EP. Sounding very different to his current work, he seems to be able to produce a wide variety of music styles. ‘Kirk’ and ‘Krumpf’ have a deeper, more mysterious feeling than ‘Ke-Ele’. ‘L’Homme de Fer…’ doesn’t really fit in with anything he made so far but it’s still an interesting track. #1 … Continue reading

Justice Essential Mix

The first essential mix by the French electro house duo Justice on BBC’s Radio 1. Mixing 70 tracks in just two hours, keeping the energy and flow from each track is a hard thing to master but these two have mastered that art. Essential Mix – 06-10-07 Mixed By: Justice Release: 2007 Genre: French rock, … Continue reading