Live @ Rex Club Paris

This bootleg is brought to you by the sound mechanic who got fired from Rex Club after this recording leaked. Thank you!

Live @ Rex Club


Album Artist: Daft Punk
Release: 1997
Genre: House


    1. Alive
    2. Musique
    3. Teachers [Extended Mix]
    4. Da Funk
    5. Ten minutes of Funk
    6. Phoenix
    7. Rollin’ & Scratchin’
    8. High Fidelity
    9. Burnin’
    10. Oh Yeah
    11. Rock’n Roll
    12. Around the World
    13. The Chase


2 Responses to “Live @ Rex Club Paris”
  1. daftfanatic2012 (from TDC) says:

    teachers is actually short circuit

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  1. […] the Que Club in Birmingham was put on a CD. Now they also played at lots of other venues including Rex Club and Red Box in Dublin. The special thing about this recording is that Guy and Thomas played […]

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