Waves 2 Minimix coming soon

Just today Crydamoure’s second compilation ‘Waves II’ arrived in the mail. I was very excited and gave it a listen as soon as possible. Comparing it to the first compilation this one is a bit weaker in the track selection [as Le Knight Club used most songs in ‘Waves I’] but still has clean transitions between each track. As you might remember my Waves Minimix which is based on ‘Waves I’, I’ll be making a minimix on ‘Waves II’ as well.

    waves + waves 2

Here is something else to keep you busy listening while I make the new mix:

4 Responses to “Waves 2 Minimix coming soon”
  1. paul says:

    nice, i’ve never heard this remix before!
    would you be able to share the waves 1 compilation? 🙂 i’d love to hear it.

  2. There is a link hidden in the post;)
    Here is the download link:

  3. paul says:

    if there’s a link hidden in there i can’t find it..

  4. In the 4th line from the top there a link to the post for the first one.

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