Club 75

Oh yes! There is nothing else to say really.
Live @ Social Club


Mixed by: Zdar
Genre: House


    1. Ramon Tapia & Maxim Lany – Highway [FCL Remix]
    2. Kikomoto Allstars – Still Can’t Stop The House
    3. Cybersonic – Technarchy
    4. D.I.M. & Tai – Lyposuct
    5. Cassius – Youth, Speed, Trouble, Cigarettes’ [Reset! Remix]
    6. Mr. Oizo – Gay Dentists
    7. Tronik Youth – Disco Suks [Aston Shuffle Remix]
    8. Justice – B.E.A.T.
    9. Cassius – La Mouche [DJ Falcon Metal Mix]
    10. Jack Beats – Get Down
    11. DB-X – Third Rail
    12. Boy 8-Bit – Baltic Pine
    13. Kevin Saunderson – Bounce Your Body To The Box
    14. Fake Blood – The Dozens [Edit]
    15. Tony Lionni – Found A Place
    16. Cassius – I’m A Woman [Zdar & Boombass Private Mix]
    17. DYE – Neige 606 [DJ Mehdi Remix]
5 Responses to “Club 75”
  1. paul says:

    as pete tong would put it:

  2. paul says:

    justice essential mix – incredible!

  3. I already have that one posted on here somewhere, I have all Daft Punk ones, Digitalism, Busy P & DJ Mehdi#s and some drum and bass ones.

  4. andrew says:

    man, what a good set. what a damn good set.

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