A time has come to make a decision

Are we in this thing alone or are we in it together?

Together are Thomas Bangalter and DJ Falcon, this track was released on the french house label Roulé on a single-sided EP. Sadly it never got around to be released internationally as it would have gained a lot of attention. Gospel style vocals, funky bassline and 80’s keyboards; what else could one want?


Album Artist: Together

Genre: French House

Release: 2000



2 Responses to “A time has come to make a decision”
  1. LaurentLC says:

    Dude, that’s the best track of french/house/whateverwecallit thing ever.

    Glad i’m not the only one to hang on to this thing.

  2. kaa says:

    Man your blog is a gold mine !

    Glad to see some people still love true house music !

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