Hands on Idealism

One of the best remix albums I have ever heard. No track on this EP disappoints.
Hands on Idealism


Album Artist: Digitalism
Genre: Electro House
Release: 2009

9 Responses to “Hands on Idealism”
  1. paul says:

    I was listening to their essential mix this morning and found out they are german! always thought they were aussie..

  2. Barroll Roll says:

    I’ve probably spent a good year trying to find this EP. Keep up the continued posts of very hard to find material by some of the top electronic artsits around!

  3. Thanks for that, but I already have those. It’s a project with Electromatic from the Daft Club. He wanted a site with all the live sets and I decided to help him out. We already got about 20 sets together.

  4. I made a list:
    Borealis, Rex Club, Hultsfred, Que Club, Coachella, Bercy, Philipshalle, Vegoose, Sidney Myer, Eurockéennes, Louis Vuitton, Routw 66, Radio NRJ, Headbangers, Bue Festival, Mexico City, Even Further, Cameo, Europe 2, Fabric, Fun Radio, Grande Halle de la Villette, La Nuits des DJ, Planet Rose, Arches, Red Rock, Mayan, Shelter Club, Tribal Gathering, Twilo, Essential Mix ’97, Essential Mix ’99, Siglo, Essential Mix ’01. I think thats all.

  5. paul says:

    it will be super once it’s up.

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