This is Kavinsky’s new EP. Nightcall is a nice song with clear 80’s disco influenced synths and vocals. Pacific Coast Highway is a faster paced track with the theme of a car chase. And one other thing; who is Dustin N’Guyen? Rumor has it that it’s either Guy-Man of Daft Punk or Xavier de Rosnay of Justice. The track was produced by Kavinsky along with Guy-Man and Lovefoxx from CSS.
Nightcall EP


Album Artist: Kavinsky
Genre: Electro House
Release: 2010

7 Responses to “Nightcall”
  1. paul says:

    i would have to guess that if anyone it’s guy-manuel.. he’s always been a distort guitarist and the remix follows that ‘human after all’ guitar sound. which, by the way, contributed a fair bit to music in my mind (think “american boy” by estelle, etc.)

    de rosnay and bangalter were more the bass/sample side of things to me.

    • I see. I’m not sure about the sampling as Le Knight Club has done a lot of it in thier work. But you are right with the bass as TB and de Rosnay definitely have more of it in their tracks. Nice find with the ‘Human After All’ sound. I guess this is just another daft mystery.

  2. The guitar rhytm sounds similar to Aura Rock.

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