This is Kavinsky’s new EP. Nightcall is a nice song with clear 80’s disco influenced synths and vocals. Pacific Coast Highway is a faster paced track with the theme of a car chase. And one other thing; who is Dustin N’Guyen? Rumor has it that it’s either Guy-Man of Daft Punk or Xavier de Rosnay of Justice. The track was produced by Kavinsky along with Guy-Man and Lovefoxx from CSS.
Nightcall EP


Album Artist: Kavinsky
Genre: Electro House
Release: 2010

7 Responses to “Nightcall”
  1. paul says:

    i would have to guess that if anyone it’s guy-manuel.. he’s always been a distort guitarist and the remix follows that ‘human after all’ guitar sound. which, by the way, contributed a fair bit to music in my mind (think “american boy” by estelle, etc.)

    de rosnay and bangalter were more the bass/sample side of things to me.

  2. The guitar rhytm sounds similar to Aura Rock.

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