Some Leonardus for you

Reviving the French filter house scene is Leonardus! In the Poll acid house got removed. Only 5 styles left. Album Artist: Leonardus Genre: Filter/Disco House Distant lovers – Leonardus Remix [right click to download]Love Thing [right click to download]Womanizer [right click to download]Twist [right click to download]Get you, Baby [right click to download]My Love [right … Continue reading

Rare remixes?

Are the remixes of ‘Face to Face’ rare? Not if you own a copy of the Daft Club remix album or the actual 12”. So enjoy these not-very-rare remixes. At the end of the post you will find the very rare but not on the EP Todd Edward remix. Face to Face Album Artist: Daft … Continue reading

Second post of the day

Aren’t you lucky to get 2 whole post this sunday? Destroy Album Artist: Proxy Genre: Electro House Release: 2006 Tracklist: Destroy [right click to download]Destroy – Riot in Belgium’s Serious about dance edit [right click to download]Din Dah [right click to download]

More Motorbass action

Oops, I’m terribly sorry for forgetting to do a post on saturday. But anyway, this time we are back with the deep funk legends Motorbass from France. This is (sadly) their only album but it is filled with goodness. If you appreciate funky French house then you must have a listen now! Pansoul Album Artist: … Continue reading

Don’t believe the Hype

Don’t believe the Hype – Now with 2 remixes by Surkin. Get it before the Boys Noize nazis remove it! Don’t Believe the Hype Album Artist: Boys Noize Genre: Electro House Release: 2007 Tracklist: Don’t belive the Hype [right click to download]Don’t believe the Hype – Surkin Mix #1 [right click to download]Don’t belive the … Continue reading


As promised on the weekend, here is Proxy’s ‘Decoy’. Track #1 starts off with an intro that will tell you nothing about the song, but then that bass starts and you just have to turn the volume to the max. Decoy Album Artist: Proxy Genre: Electro House Release: 2007 Tracklist: Decoy [right click to download]Ready … Continue reading

Digital Love

Are there any songs on ‘Discovery’ that are not about love? No, and this one proves it. If you listen to the A side you get the main song as well as the dub version of it. On the B side you get the awesome ‘Aerodynamic’ and the wonderfully progressive ‘Aerodynamite’. Digital Love Album Artist: … Continue reading

Dance in the Dark EP

From the ashes of the Soviet empire, from the flames of history, rises PROXY. Post 9/11 rave vibes cloaked in Muscovite angst. A line drawn in smoking rubble along the border dividing East and West, Stüssy and Spetsnaz. Dance in the Dark Album Artist: Proxy Genre: Electro House Release: 2008 Tracklist: Dance in the Dark … Continue reading

Are you in?

The second release of german electro house producer Boys Noize. A delicious 3-track-EP with a juicy bassline in each of them. ‘Achtzig’ is co-produced by Andi Meid aka D.I.M. Enjoy! Today lounge house got kicked out of the poll. Keep up the votes as those last to styles didn’t get any. Are you in? Album … Continue reading

1st EP

As the name says this is the 1st EP by the house legends Motorbass. 1st EP Album Artist: Motorbass Genre: House Release: 1993 Tracklist: Visine Deux trente trois Stereogramm gelato Tournerie vibratoire D.T.T. – Zray mix Preview