Before Daft Punk…

Before Daft Punk there was Motorbass. For anyone not knowing who these guys are please kick yourself in the face after you read this post. Motorbass consists of Etienne de Crécy, a man who needs no intro, and Zdar of Cassius. This EP is only half, hence the name, of the Transphunk EP.
1/2 Transphunk EP


Album Artist: Motorbass
Genre: House
Release: 1994
Soixante six
Suce mon son

Kick yourself in the face right now.

13 Responses to “Before Daft Punk…”
  1. Barroll Roll says:

    Ive heard of Motorbass, but I never realized it was etienne (who has a stage show that rivals daft punk) and 1/2 of Cassius!

  2. szenebene says:

    aka La Chatte Rouge

    no kick for me, eh

  3. I have heard of Fiat Lux but never got my hands on any of their stuff:(

  4. paul says:

    ever get your hands on super discount 1 & 2?
    also thanks. I only have disc 1 of pansoul, and this is pretty much disc 2

  5. Deal! I don’t have Tempovision on me at the moment but the Motorbass stuff will be posted really soon.

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