Dance in the Dark EP

From the ashes of the Soviet empire, from the flames of history, rises PROXY. Post 9/11 rave vibes cloaked in Muscovite angst. A line drawn in smoking rubble along the border dividing East and West, Stüssy and Spetsnaz.
Dance in the Dark

Album Artist: Proxy
Genre: Electro House
Release: 2008

4 Responses to “Dance in the Dark EP”
  1. szenebene says:

    this is some raw stuff, very nice. Didn’t know Proxy before. I saw they played at Coachella yesterday…

    • Did you go? He will play in Auckland in June so I might go. His music is very raw, especially ‘Decoy’ which I will post in on Tuesday.

      • szenebene says:

        looking forward to that one! Proxy plays in Switzerland 06.05. so I might catch him here.

        I was at Coachella 2006 >Daft Punk 😀 Never been there since.

  2. That must have been amazing!

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