Digital Love

Are there any songs on ‘Discovery’ that are not about love? No, and this one proves it. If you listen to the A side you get the main song as well as the dub version of it. On the B side you get the awesome ‘Aerodynamic’ and the wonderfully progressive ‘Aerodynamite’.
Digital Love

Album Artist: Daft Punk
Genre: House
Release: 2001

15 Responses to “Digital Love”
  1. Zelda says:

    Digital Love is still one of the best Discovery songs, imo.

  2. paul says:

    I first heard discovery in 2004 while travelling in through france

    listening to this album is a really, really beautiful experience. remembering many fun times of when I was young in this incredible country. throwing pizza into the ocean, walking on the edge of steep beach side cliffs, buying a fresh baguette in the town market

  3. paul says:

    have you ever heard ‘da chip?’

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