Love Lost

Just perfect. Retro 80’s synths, repetition with a hint of melancholy. Love Lost Album Artist: Alan Braxe & Fred Falke Genre: House, deep house, filter house Release: 2003 Tracklist: Love Lost [right click to download]

Oh yes!

More Boys Noize! This time you get the original song with its wierd intro and end part, Feadz’ ‘Aval Aval’ mix which uses the riff of the original as a bassline (Ohh yes!) and a remix by Para One. Lava Lava Album Artist: Boys Noize Genre: House, electro Release: 2007 Tracklist: Lava Lava [right click … Continue reading

Electro shit non-stop

If you would kindly click here for more. Something really wierd happened on Tuesday: within two hours this blog got four times as much traffic as it would get in a day. But anyway….Last night a DJ killed my Dog with the wonderfully deep Lnadjkmd rmx by Demon and purely experimental Electro shit non-stop. Last … Continue reading

Kill the Kid

Today I will post some Boys Noize! Kill the Kid is definitely my favourite tune of this EP with its sticky bassline and random 8-bit noises. E-Bong is more of a technoid tune and War sounds like it is a minimal remix of Daft Punk’s ‘Technologic’. Kill the Kid Album Artist: Boys Noize Genre: Electro, … Continue reading

Pogo remixes

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better: Pogo remixes! *waffle waffle* Pogo remixes Album Artist: Digitalism Genre: Electro, tech house Release: 2007 Tracklist: Pogo – Digitalism’s Pogo Robotic Remix [right click to download]Pogo – C.S.S. Remix [right click to download]Pogo – Sinichi Osawa Remix [right click to download]Pogo – Hey Today! Remix [right … Continue reading


There is just about nothing that can beat the energy of this song. *waffle waffle* Pogo Album Artist: Digitalism Genre: Electro, tech house Release: 2007 Tracklist: Pogo – Radio Edit [right click to download]Pogo – Mentalism Version [right click to download]Pogo – Sinichi Osawa Remix [right click to download]Pogo – Maximised by Punks Jump Up … Continue reading

Human after all

Very different from their earlier works is their ‘Human after all’ album. This is a single with remixes by Justice, Alter Ego, SebastiAn and Digitalism. I need your opinion on the new page, there is an option to change the colours to a darker theme. So which do you prefer? Human after all Album Artist: … Continue reading

More change than Obama

As you might have noticed I changed some things on this site like the theme and the header. I also added a chat widget where you can chat with me and other readers. I added a few links to popular posts just below the header and poll is also back for you to vote on. … Continue reading

Alabama Blues

I first heard Todd’s Dub version of this track in the Arches set by Daft Punk and after that I knew I had to get it. Both of Todd’s remixes are very upbeat. Side A is more about the deep and relaxing stuff. Enjoy! Alabama Blues Album Artist: St. Germain Genre: Deep, Garage House Release: … Continue reading

Harder, better, faster, stronger

Here it is! Saturdays post, I wasn’t able to do one on Thursday because I was in a plane most of the day. Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger Album Artist: Daft Punk Genre: House Release: 2001 Tracklist: Harder, better, faster, stronger [right click to download]Harder, better, faster, stronger – Breakers Break Mix [right click to download]Harder, … Continue reading