French week

I had a couple of nice filter house tracks in my library that you might not have heard of so I decided to post them! So for this week be ready for some serious filter house tracks. Pantone 021 C Album Artist: Krapulax Genre: Filter house Release: 2001 Tracklist: Hard bop [right click to download]Chicken’s … Continue reading

Knightlife II

Some time ago I posted the Knightlife I EP and said I was going to post the other one withing the week. Well, I lied. It took me more than a month to post it but now you have it here. Knightlife II Album Artist: Knightlife Genre: Filter, disco house Release: 2009 Tracklist: Crusader [right … Continue reading

Евгений Александрович Пожарнов

‘Who are you?’ has a very tribal sounding drum intro but a very distort and cut-up bassline. ‘8000’ on the other hand sounds medieval. The remixes by the Beetroots and Polymorphic are worth a listen as well. Who are you? Album Artist: Proxy Genre: Electro house, tech house Release: 2009 Tracklist: Who are you? [right … Continue reading

Tthhee Ppaarrttyy

This is a very nice song by Gaspard, Xavier and Uffie of the French Ed Banger label. This includes the radio edit and the awesome live cut. Tthhee Ppaarrttyy Album Artist: Justice & Uffie Genre: House, electro Release: 2009 Tracklist: Tthhee Ppaarrttyy – Radio edit [right click to download]Ttthhheee Pppaaarrrtttyyy – Live [right click to … Continue reading

Frenchly filtered disco house

Some time ago I posted the cool edition of the Club-a-Club label. Well today you are going to get the warm edition of funky filtered disco house. Enjoy! Warm edition Album Artist: Club-a-Club Genre: Filtered disco house Release: 2009 Tracklist: Spermstars – Lovin’ slut [right click to download]DJ EQ – Got feelin’ [right click to … Continue reading


One of Quentin’s first releases on the French Ed Banger label is right on target. ‘Patrickk122’ is the track to watch out for on this EP, a song based on a sample of ‘Do It at the Disco’ by Gary’s Gang. Transexual/Patrick122 Album Artist: Mr. Oizo Genre: House, electro, future jazz, experimental, breaks Release: 2007 … Continue reading

Tour de France

Kraftwerk captures the feeling of the race perfectly with his soundtrack. All tracks slowly build into each other which gives the album a nice mixed feel. Tour de France Album Artist: Kraftwerk Genre: Electro, house, tech house, minimal Release: 2003 Tracklist: Prologue [right click to download]Tour de France ‘Etape 1 [right click to download]Tour de … Continue reading

Prime time of your life

Here is the last single from the ‘Human after all’ album by Thomas and Guy-Manuel. The original song should be well known to everyone especially if you have heard the awesome Alive 2007 version. The Para One remix add a bit of glitchyness to it. The Erol Alkan and Digitalism add with their remixes their … Continue reading

Buy it, use it, break it, fix it….

This song is about different basic computer functions. Along with the original you get the radio edit as well as three (3) remixes by Vitalic, Basement Jaxx and the Peaches. The first two (2) are the better of them as the Peaches remix is just a really poor attempt at a remix. Technologic Album Artist: … Continue reading

French funky filter action

Credited as EP of the year 2000 by Muzik Magazine. ‘Intro’ has to have to best bassline ever created. There is no doubt about that. The use of the sample ‘Crush On You’ by The Jets is just brilliant. ‘Most Wanted’ is excellent too and the two tracks makes the EP become something higher than … Continue reading