Aquastep A

Toast, yet again. This time the A side. Toast Album Artist: Aquastep Genre: Tribal house Release: 1994 Tracklist: 1. Toast Americain 2. Toast Kanibal Download:

Aquastep B

Don’t you love when you can’t come up with good song names and you just call them toast? Early 90’s Belgian producers-trio made up of Koenie van Immerseel, Sebastien Kalonji, Sven van Hees seemed to be in this situation. They are also the creators on the Wonka Beats label. This is only the B side … Continue reading


This release contains driving basslines. Sickness/fitness Album Artist: Jence Genre: Electro house, tech house Release: 2005 Tracklist: 1. Sickness/fitness 2. Pogo galactica Download:

In the kitchen ’95

A remix EP of his first release ‘In the kitchen’. Most of these remixes are rather minimal and have a slight touch of acid to them. In the kitchen ’95 Album Artist: Paul Johnson Genre: House Release: 1995 Tracklist: 1. Come On Children – Remix 2. Buzz Buzz – Remix 3. It’s House – Remix … Continue reading


‘Wired’ is the result of an experiment where all boundaries were pushed to the limit. It starts off with a simple beat but 45 seconds in the song gets turned upside down. Effects and EQ are used to the maximum to make this song the way it is now. A masterpiece by Jence, half of … Continue reading

Funkin’ For Jamaica

I thank Paul for this link. Funkin’ For Jamaica Album Artist: Towa Tei Genre: House Release: 2002 Tracklist: 1. Funkin’ For Jamaica [Original Album Version] 2. Funkin’ For Jamaica [Boris Dlugosch And Michi Lange’s Club Mix] 3. Funkin’ For Jamaica [Da BMR’s Dub Extract] 4. Funkin’ For Jamaica [Démon All Aeras Remix] Download:

Pacific state

Described as an acid house milestone, this song is as good as any electronic instrumental can get. Absolutely every sound, from the rain forest samples through to the wiggly acid is perfect. Pacific Album Artist: 808 State Genre: Acid house Release: 1989 Tracklist: 1. Pacific 707 2. Pacific state – origin 3. Pacific 303 4. … Continue reading

Cassius & Together

A while back I posted the live sets by Cassius & Together @ Paradiso in Amsterdam. That was an incomplete set which was missing a big chunk of songs in the middle part. I found someone who has the complete set. Mixed by: Cassius & Together Genre: House Download: Part 1: Part 2:

Wake up

A very nice release by the two Frenchmen Anthony Ferrando and Jean-Patrick Simonetti. Wake up Album Artist: Les Petits Pilous Genre: Electro house Release: 2008 Tracklist: 1. Wake up 2. Housi 3. Going techno Download:


909D1sco is another alias of Alexander Ridha aka Boys Noize. This EP was a white label release probably because the samples didn’t get clearance. Donnerstag/Alien Attakk Album Artist: 909D1sco Genre: Electro house Release: 2006 Tracklist: Donnerstag [right click to download]Alien Attakk [right click to download]