Funkin’ For Jamaica

I thank Paul for this link.
Funkin’ For Jamaica


Album Artist: Towa Tei
Genre: House
Release: 2002

    1. Funkin’ For Jamaica [Original Album Version]
    2. Funkin’ For Jamaica [Boris Dlugosch And Michi Lange’s Club Mix]
    3. Funkin’ For Jamaica [Da BMR’s Dub Extract]
    4. Funkin’ For Jamaica [Démon All Aeras Remix]


4 Responses to “Funkin’ For Jamaica”
  1. NiteShade says:

    DAYUM I Must admit this is sexy, especially the remixes.

  2. chetsky says:

    if you could be so wonderful as to reupload this release.. and if you had the Shinichi Osawa remix, I would love you forever.

  3. chetsky says:

    could you please reupload this release? that would be wonderful. also, if you have the Shinichi Osawa remix and want to upload that, I would love you forever..

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