Nothing but green lights from here

This is one of those songs that gives you chills down your back when you listen to it. Want to write posts here? Contact me and we can set something up. Artist: Tom Vek Genre: Electro house Release: 2005 Tracklist: 1. Nothing but green lights The guitars in this song are just amazing. They just … Continue reading

To the bobmobile!

‘To the bobmobile!’ is Bobmo’s first single, this includes a remix from Bulldog & Kazey. This young fellow is on a mission to bring the French touch to the world. Interested in writing about the music you like on this blog? Send me an email! Artist: Bobmo Genre: Electro house Release: 2008 Tracklist: 1. To … Continue reading

Le piano bar

Very relaxing songs by Fabrice Texier aka Fafa Monteco. Not so much for the dancefloor but rather to kick back to and relax. Want to write posts here about music you like? get in touch with me. Artist: Fafa Monteco Genre: Funky house Release: 1999 Tracklist: 1. Le piano bar Groovy bassline, ‘ha’ vocals and … Continue reading

What you gonna do baby?

Funk Legacy have only released this EP on the Vertigo label. Members are Davis Mouyal and Romain Tranchart of Modjo fame. Want to write posts here? Contact me about it or your song fetishes. Artist: Funk Legacy Genre: Funky house Release: 1999 Tracklist: 1. What you gonna do baby? – Remix If the original is … Continue reading


That’s Digitalism week for you guys. This is their first hit, majorly influenced by their indie rock roots. Want to contribute to this blog and be a post editor? Send me an email. Artist: Digitalism Genre: Electro house, tech house Release: 2004 Tracklist: 1. Idealistic This is the original mix of ‘Idealistic’ which is a … Continue reading


Another remix EP with new mixes by Erol Alkan and Michael Semenov. If you have any requests feel free to ask. I’m also looking for new writers here. Artist: Digitalism Genre: Electro house, rock Release: 2007 Tracklist: 1. Zdarlight – Paranoid asteroid mix Another Digitalism remix of Zdarlight. This one sounds like an early version … Continue reading

Jupiter room

Another successful single by Digitalism named after a bar in Montreal. This is just a little remix with some variation from the original. Artist: Digitalism Genre: Electro house Release: 2006 Tracklist: 1. Jupiter Room – Martian assault mix It starts off with a similar beat to Daft Punk’s remix Scott Grooves’s ‘Mothership reconnection’, soon after … Continue reading


Based on a sample of the Cure’s ‘Fire in Cairo’ this song has somehow become a cult hit for the German duo. At first only released as a white label but then they got the clearance for the sample and put it on their ‘Idealism’ album. Artist: Digitalism vs. The Cure Genre: Electro house, rock … Continue reading

Ross Ross Ross

Hehehe… Artist: SebastiAn Genre: Electro house, glitch, disco Release: 2006 Tracklist: 1. Ross Ross Ross The middle ground between the other two tracks. Glitch, yet it has a distinct rhythm to it. 2. Head/off Super glitchy track with short guitar riffs cut into it. At the end a nice melody comes into it and makes … Continue reading


One of the first EP’s released by the Norwegian group Röyksopp. One of their better know songs ‘Eple’ has been featured in many TV advertisements, ‘Flax’ on the other hand has never been released on any other EP’s. Artist: Röyksopp Genre: Downtempo, house Release: 2001 Tracklist: 1. Eple Who doesn’t know that drum loop at … Continue reading