Around the World – Ricanstructed by Masters at Work

Around the World but Masters at Work style: Expect remixes nothing like the original. I have also been thinking of turning this blog private seeing that the download stats are high compared to the number of subscribers. I don’t want this blog to end up as ‘just another download blog’, if you like this music subscribe and comment on the songs you like.


Artist: Daft Punk
Genre: House, tribal house
Release: 1998

    1. Around The World – M.A.W. Remix
    This song only keeps the lyrics from the original and distorts them a little, new bassline and a synth that follows the lead of the vocals.
    2. Around The World – Mellow Mix
    An instrumental mix with elements form the M.A.W remix and the Kenlou mix.
    3. Around The World – Kenlou Mix
    This remix keeps most of the structure of the original and adds some mellowness to it.
    4. Around The World – RAW Dub
    The dubs from the Master at Work remix, but more like a different mix of it.


7 Responses to “Around the World – Ricanstructed by Masters at Work”
  1. animekritik says:

    I subscribed!

    I liked the mellow mix the best.

    Awesome blog!!

  2. BalooDP says:

    Mellow mix is the best, the other three I don’t really like, what they do the I:Cube remix does better. And what trumps all is Motorbass Miami mix.

  3. mrd0dds says:

    yo you got a sick blog going on, much love for spreading the music. keep it up!

  4. Guill says:

    Great mixes all of them so much better than the ones on the CDS the Motorbass I guess.

  5. Oscar says:

    They’re all great mixes. Thanks for sharing this!

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