Sadly Julien Jabre has released only one EP under the alias ‘Fantom’, but if you like it you should check out the other works under his real name.
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Artist: Fantom
Genre: Deep house, disco
Release: 1997

    Faithfull – Prassay mix filtered remix by Dj Gregory aka Prassay. He took a short sample from the original and adds some filter and phase effects to it. This remix does get a little boring after a while since its always the same hook with minimal effects.
    Faithfull deep house song by Fantom. The breakdown part in the middle with hit crazy hi-hat loop and the wurlitzer synth make this song stand out from other soulful house songs. This does also get a little boring after a while as there isn’t a lot of variation in the song.
    Faithfull – Radio mix shorter edit of the original for radio stations.
    Faithfull – EDC mix little bit more upbeat than the Fantom version. Etienne uses a short vocal hook and adds a string synth line in the last part which gives this mix a very deep and relaxed feel. Almost better than the original.
    Faithfull – Scratch-Pet-Land mix remix isn’t what you would expect to hear when you listened to the other ones first. This one is at a whole different tempo and is very reminiscent of Mr. Oizo’s early works in the analog worms attack times. Heavily distorted basslines and short cut-up synth samples from the original make this remix sound like more of a jam session than an actual remix. This is by far the best remix on this EP as the other ones are basically the same.

One Response to “Faithfull”
  1. BalooDP says:

    I love Fantom! Also like how you’re doing a little write-up of each song, nice!

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