One of the first EP’s released by the Norwegian group Röyksopp. One of their better know songs ‘Eple’ has been featured in many TV advertisements, ‘Flax’ on the other hand has never been released on any other EP’s.


Artist: Röyksopp
Genre: Downtempo, house
Release: 2001

    1. Eple
    Who doesn’t know that drum loop at the start of this song? Based on a sample of Bob James’ ‘You’re right as rain’ this song is very chilled and atmospheric while upbeat and danceable at the same time. The remixes are worth checking out for more dancefloor friendly versions of this song.
    2. Flax
    Very relaxing piano song. This is one of the most laid back songs you will ever hear. The piano hook at the beginning is the key to this song, it builds on it until it drops again just before the song finishes.


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