To the bobmobile!

‘To the bobmobile!’ is Bobmo’s first single, this includes a remix from Bulldog & Kazey. This young fellow is on a mission to bring the French touch to the world. Interested in writing about the music you like on this blog? Send me an email!


Artist: Bobmo
Genre: Electro house
Release: 2008

    1. To the bobmobile
    “The track will appeal to the kidult lurking behind your polished techno connoisseur facade. Drums pumping and shuffling, cute two-note organ riff, filters opening and closing spasmodically, vocal stabs heckling and cackling, climaxing at some point into a little percussive solo, like a sugar-addled kid breaking into a tap dance routine in the middle of his bar mitzvah.” – Probably the best way to describe this song in words. Go listen to it, it’s worth it!
    2. To the bobmobile – Kazey & Bulldog remix
    Let’s take the original riff, the vocals and add a hip-hop beat and lots of horns to it…you get a massive remix.



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