It’s Only Music

The first EP by Berlin’s Fuckpony. Deep yet playful minimal house that likely sobered those über cool German producers and fankids that take their passion a little too seriously… It’s only music! Artist: Fuckpony Genre: House, Minimal Release: 2006 Tracklist: 1. It’s Only Music The title track delivers some fine lines. A casual monologue rides some deep … Continue reading


This is the promo version of Digitalism’s ‘Zdarlight’ with the ‘Moonlight’, ‘Paranoid asteroid’ and ‘Discodrome’ remix. The original has been featured in many TV advertisements and recently I saw it in a BMW ad here on TV. Digitalism are the best! Artist: Digitalism Genre: Electro house Release: 2007 Preview: ZdarlightYou all know this melody, this … Continue reading

Hear the music

That’s it for this week, George Morel, Full Intention, DJ Sneak and Paul Johnson. All very well-known producers in the underground house scene. Next week you will get some more recent electro house as well as some 90’s chicago and deep house from me. Enjoy it! Artist: Paul Johnson Genre: House, deep house Release: 1996 … Continue reading

Da pimpdoggy

It’s DJ Sneak time today. I chose the ‘Da Pimpdoggy’ EP as it shows his skills in sampling disco loops and producing quality songs with them. ‘All over (my face)!’ is the best know track on this EP. Artist: DJ Sneak Genre: House, disco Release: 1995 Tracklist: 1. All over! Starts off with a housy … Continue reading

Kitsuné × The Cobrasnake

Hello. As mentioned, I am the newest writer here at theworldisdaft. My pseudonym is glass. This first post doesn’t have any grand significance. However, it follows a rule I’ll have for all posted music: I like it. ~ glass The following is a cooperation between the familiar Kitsuné label of Paris/Tokyo and Los Angeles’ Cobrasnake. … Continue reading

Friday’s post

Today one year ago I made the first post on this blog, I will also announce the new writer for this blog today. During November I asked you if you are interested in joining this blog to write posts for it. You all had a chance to send me emails explaining why you would like … Continue reading


If you don’t know Full Intention’s song ‘America’ you are missing out a great house tune. This is a cover of Patrick Juvet’s disco hit “America (I love America)”. It only gets better with the remixes by the likes of the Sharp Boys, UBQ Project and JohNick. Tomorrow I will do a special post about … Continue reading

Morel’s grooves, part 1

Since the votes from last weekend drew I am going to post something from the winning artists, I will also announce my new post writer here on Friday. I’ll start of with a release by George Morel on the infamous house label Strictly Rhythm. Artist: George Morel Genre: House music Release: 1992 Tracklist: 1. Get … Continue reading

Deep dub essentials

This is the last post for now about there guys, next week will be something different. This was 24Hour Experience’s last EP even though two more were released under their name after this EP came out. Tell me if you want to hear music from either George Morel, Paul Johnson, Armando, Mood II Swing or … Continue reading

More dub essentials

24Hour Experience’s second EP, much more vocal experiments than with their other EPs. This EP got me into their music in the beginning. For next weeks posts I give you a choice: George Morel, Paul Johnson, Armando, Mood II Swing or DJ Sneak. Comment on this or tomorrow’s post and say what you would like … Continue reading