Morel’s grooves, part 1

Since the votes from last weekend drew I am going to post something from the winning artists, I will also announce my new post writer here on Friday. I’ll start of with a release by George Morel on the infamous house label Strictly Rhythm.


Artist: George Morel
Genre: House music
Release: 1992

    1. Get on down and party
    ‘Get on down, get on down, get on down and party!’ A good song for your next mix at a house party.
    2. I don’t know what it is
    Very nice tribal influenced house song if it wasn’t for the annoying bells.
    3. Get back into it
    Remember my garage posts from last week? Hehehe. This song sounds as if it was influenced by both New York garage and Chicago house music.
    4. Boom boom
    Very similar to ‘I don’t know what it is’, they almost sound the same but a little different. There is a lot more ‘chicagoness’ in this track than in any other track of the EP.



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