If you don’t know Full Intention’s song ‘America’ you are missing out a great house tune. This is a cover of Patrick Juvet’s disco hit “America (I love America)”. It only gets better with the remixes by the likes of the Sharp Boys, UBQ Project and JohNick. Tomorrow I will do a special post about music and news about this blog.


Artist: Full Intention
Genre: House, garage house
Release: 1995

    1. America – 12″ vocal mix
    YES, this is the song that made them famous!
    2. America – Vocal radio edit
    Radio mix, about two minutes shorter.
    3. America – Sharp’s funky mirrorball mix
    This mix has a more edity and housed up feel to it than the original. The climax of this song is very late in at about four minutes in.
    4. America – UBQ’s stats side remix
    One word: PIANOS. They make you feel good no matter what mood you are in. Also a funkier, warmer bassline is in this mix. Enjoy!
    5. America – JohNick Henry St. captain mix
    Contains samples of JFK’s famous speech. This mix puts out a positive vibe similar to the UBQ Project mix but on a different level.


One Response to “America”
  1. paul says:

    america ~ fuck yeah!

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