Friday’s post

Today one year ago I made the first post on this blog, I will also announce the new writer for this blog today.
During November I asked you if you are interested in joining this blog to write posts for it. You all had a chance to send me emails explaining why you would like to write about music you like here. To be chosen as a post writer you must have a wide collection of the so-called ‘house’ genre of music.


And the winner is Paul from fys, he has been a long time supporter of this blog almost from the start on.
But to leave you with something else but news here are my top songs of most of the little sub-genres of house. Most of these songs I have either discovered or re-discovered this year, I will also do full posts on some later on. Expect some deep, French, chicago, fidget, tech, garage, hip, acid and electro house.

4 Responses to “Friday’s post”
  1. glass says:

    happy birthday theworldisdaft!

  2. Paperboatz says:

    love the blog, happy b-day thworldisdaft!

  3. animekritik says:


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