This is the last EP from the French duo consisting of Alan Braxe & Fred Falke. It seems like they have lost their game a little with ‘Rubicon’ being the only decent club track here while the other ones are just mere filler tracks. Also Daft Punk’s soundtrack for TRON is out, go buy it now for some big time daft French action for your speakers.


Artist: Alan Braxe & Fred Falke
Genre: French house, disco
Release: 2003

This is a repost because ‘Rubicon’ is just the best.

4 Responses to “Rubicon”
  1. glass says:

    i’m not so sure about that… personally i find that ‘arena’ is a really interesting concept for a track! and chrystal city is so laid back and has a really cool vibe about it (no kidding i used it in ‘a day at the beach’ mix awhile back..)
    my least favourite braxe release is probably ‘defender’

  2. glass says:


  3. agostina says:

    thanks! downloading now

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