Part 2

As promised here is the second part of Altern 8’s old skool euphoria mix. This mix has some more known songs of the rave era. The Prodigy, Moby, Altern 8, the Future Sound of London, Human Resource and Second Phase, you name it and it’s probably in here.


Mixed by: Altern 8
Genre: Rave, breakbeat, acid house, hardcore, techno, house
Release: 2001

    1. Cry Sisco! – Afrodizziact
    2. Kariya – Let me love you for tonight
    3. E-Zee Possee – Everything starts with an e
    4. Inner City – Big Fun
    5. Ralphi Rosario – You used to hold me
    6. Renegade Soundwave – The phantom
    7. Guru Josh – Infinity
    8. Rozalla – Everybody’s free
    9. Shades Of Rhythm – The sound of eden
    10. The Future Sound Of London – Papua New Guinea
    11. Bitin’ Back – She’s breaking up
    12. Nightmares On Wax – Aftermath
    13. Bug Kann & The Plastic Jam – Made in two minutes (Rave mix)
    14. Second Phase – Mentasm
    15. The Scientist – The Exorcist
    16. Altern 8 – Frequency
    17. Human Resource – Dominator
    18. Sonz Of A Loop Da Loop Era – Far out
    19. DJs Unite – DJs Unite, vol. 1
    20. Moby – Feeling so real (Unashamed ecstatic piano mix)
    21. The Prodigy – Everybody in the place


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