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A great mix of various genres ranging from hip-house to italo-disco to electro. In this mix is also a track from Röyksopp under their Emmanuel Splice alias which was previously unreleased. If you like the music from these two Norwegians you should head over to their website for a free track almost every month.


Mixed by: Röyksopp
Genre: Italo-disco, new wave, hip-house, electro, funk, soul, rock
Release: 2007

    1. Talking Heads – Born under punches
    2. Harry Thumann – Sphinx
    3. Kasso – One more round
    4. Pino D’Angiò – Ma quale idea
    5. Edgar Winter – Above and beyond
    6. Ray Mang & Nathan D’Troit – Off side
    7. Mr. Flagio – Take a chance
    8. Mike Oldfield – Platinum (Part three, Charleston)
    9. Emmanuel Splice – Meatball
    10. Jesse Gould – That’s hot (Joey Negro re-edit)
    11. The Art Of Noise – Legs
    12. I-Level – 3:am (12″ version)/Give me (3 A.M.)
    13. Klein & M.B.O. – Dirty talk
    14. Supermax – It ain’t easy
    15. Idris Muhammad – Could heaven ever be like this
    16. Guy Dalton – Night people (New York club mix)
    17. Valerie Dore – Get Closer (Vocal mix)
    18. Ginny Clee – Can’t be serious
    19. Funkadelic – I’m never gonna tell it
    20. New Birth – It’s been a long time


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