Another single from the Norwegian crew. Their first album Melody A.M. is in my opinion still their best with a good balance of uptempo, more dancier songs and some very chilled and laid-back downtempo/ambient songs. This EP can in many ways give you a hint of what that album is like.


Artist: Röyksopp
Genre: Downtempo, house
Release: 2003

2 Responses to “Sparks”
  1. victor says:

    Actually, Don’t Go is the instrumental version (+ an extra 30 seconds) of Mekon’s Please Stay (Röyksopp Remix). They later used samples of both Please Stay and Poor Leno to create Istanbul Forever.
    They released Don’t Go under a different name since they did not own the rights to the sample, but like the beats too much to not release it under their own name.

    Same story if for Don’t Give Up (now known as a Whitest Boy Alive song). They played it live alot with one of their main singers Erlend Oye, who took the lyrics to make it a new song with WBA. Röyksopp re-used the music of that song to create 49% (from the album The Understanding)

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