Moonshine/Hillbilly song

The follow-up to their well-known ‘What a sensation’ EP. This is one of those EPs that you can never forget, it may it be because of the melodies of their two songs, it may be because of the deep percussive house breaks cleverly woven into the structure of the tracks or the soulful background synth lines.


Artist: Kenlou
Genre: Deep house, garage house
Release: 1995

    1. Moonshine

      This is where is all comes together: jazzy garage house breaks with a chilled saxophone and keyboard pad melody.

    2. Hillbilly song

      The name says it all. A western-style harmonica is playing a very nostalgic melody throughout the song, backed up with atmospheric synths.


One Response to “Moonshine/Hillbilly song”
  1. NiteShade says:

    Thank You! for posting this up! As a huge fan of MAW and anything Vega/Dope related, I truly appreciate seeing these kind of posts come up! Arigato TWID-san!

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