East coast science

I’m back again! What you’ll get from me today are two very rare mixtapes from Scott Henry and Dieselboy. These mixes are packed with oldskool classics from the ’91-’92 breakbeat era aka the time when the best electronic music was made, listen and you’ll find out why. Mixing is spot on and the tracklists include names like Acen, DMS, DJ Seduction and Mystery Man.


Mixed by: Scott Henry/Dieselboy
Genre: Rave, techno, breakbeat, hardcore
Release: 1997
A side:

    1. DMS – Vengeance
    2. Yolk – Bish bosh
    3. Acen – Trip II the moon, part 2
    4. Phuture Assassins – Roots’n’phuture (Reflections In dub remix)
    5. Krome & Time – This sound is for the underground (E.5 remix)
    6. Acen – Close your eyes (Optikonfusion!)
    7. Hypno-Genesis – Take control (Jungled up to fuck mix)
    8. EQ – Total xstacy (DJ SS & EQ remix)
    9. Sonz Of A Loop Da Loop Era – Further out (Da far out remix)
    10. NRG – Real hardcore
    11. Psychotropic – Hypnosis (SL2 remix)
    12. M.A.N.I.C. – I’m comin hardcore

B side:

    1. Opus III – It’s a fine day
    2. Digital Domain – I need relief
    3. DJ Seduction – Hardcore heaven
    4. Rhythm Section – Feel the rhythm
    5. Isotonik – Different strokes
    6. Jonny L – Hurt u so
    7. Mystery Man – DJ business
    8. Nick OD – Have you got any more spam (No don’t yam pork remix)
    9. Kid Unknown – Nightmare
    10. Nebula II – Antheama
    11. Nebula II – Seance (Remix)
    12. Megadrive – Mega 1
    13. Egypian Empire – The horn track


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