Another vinyl single from my amazingly huge collection of stuff. What amazes me about this release is that it got re-released ten years after it was originally released and it still sounded fresh at that time and still does today.


Artist: The Todd Terry Project
Genre: House
Release: 1998

    1. Weekend – Extended club mix

      Wierd intro with some classic 80’s synth sounds, soon the voice of a woman gets into to mix and then the piano hook drops. This should be one of the classic house anthems but somehow it got overlooked. There is a really sexy 4×4 going on at one point during the chorus part.

    2. Weekend – Instrumental club

      If you prefer to let the music do the talking then this is the version for you. 80’s synth mayhem.

    3. Weekend – The wam bam mix

      This is a more ‘chicagoed’ version of the club mix. Less synthy and more percussion madness. The piano towards the end adds a whole new dimension to it.

    4. Weekend – Radio Edit

      This seems to be the radio edit for the Wam bam mix.

    5. Weekend – Acapella

      Very nice acapella version of the original. Works nicely with a variety of instrumental and dub version of other songs.



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