If you don’t know Lone then you are missing out. He is one of the more exciting producers to come out of the recent years, his style fuses influences from acid house, techno, Chicago house, oldskool rave, funk, downtempo and countless other styles. If there is one word that can describe his music it would be ‘unbelievable’ because it just is. I post this release because ‘Pineapple crush’ was the first song I heard from him and instantly wanted to hear more. I’m also very close to hitting 100000 views on this blog which is an amazing achievement for me.


Artist: Lone
Genre: House, acid house
Release: 2010

    1. Pineapple crush

      Might not start off as much, but wait for the lead synth stab to come in. Soon the Chicago style drum loop and the James Brown funk vocals drop into the mix. If you think it can’t get better than you are mistaken, mostly because another Lone signature synth comes in shortly after. There is no doubt that he will make it big one day.

    2. Angel brain

      Another lovely Chicago style drum loop into which is then accompanied by yet another Lone stab. A soothing melody is soon to follow but about half way through even that melody is trumped by a massive synth line. If you like these two songs be sure to check out his ‘Emerald fantasy tracks’ album which is also out on Magic Wire recordings.


One Response to “100000 views”
  1. About 20 views to go, ignore that flagcounter as it isn’t all that accurate.

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