The name ‘John Starlight’ may not mean much to you but the name ‘Zombie Nation’ may. This was one of the very early releases on Boys Noize’s boysnoize records, which went on to become one of the more successful techno/house labels of today.


Artist: John Starlight
Genre: Electro house, techno
Release: 2005

    1. Shadowbreaker – Boys Noize remix #1

      Very, very long intro, it’s about 2:30 minutes until the kick comes in. But then we are greeted with what makes both producers a cut above the rest: their unrivalled production skills, we have a heavily distorted bassline, a strong percussion line and the arrangement is fresh as ever.

    2. Shadowbreaker – Boys Noize remix #2

      This is more of a lo-fi attempt compared to remix #1, this is the sound Florian Senfter is best known for. Almost all of his productions sound as if his machines were beaten beyond repair before he used them.


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