MAW war/mack saddy shoot

This is the last (I think) release I need to post from Kenlou aka Masters at Work. I don’t have anything planned to post for next week so drop me a line with whatever tickles your fancy, my email is on the right. Tomorrow though, you’ll get something from my personal vinyl collection.


Artist: Kenlou IV
Genre: Garage house
Release: 1996

    1. MAW war

      ‘Gotta get that groove’, yes, this song is indeed very groovy. You got this beat that keeps you moving, the harmonica that has featured in many Masters at Work songs which is played by Genji Siraisi of Groove Collective fame. Watch out for the breakdown about 2/3 into the song.

    2. Mack daddy shoot

      If I remember correctly this song was used in Boys Noize’ essential mix a couple of years ago. That mix was by far one of the best ones I have heard, a mix of almost anything techno and house. Anyway, this song has that distinct Chicago feel to it. Add some dub reggae influences and a phaser and you end up with this masterpiece.


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