One of my favourite release of the French Institubes (R.I.P.) label. Sadly it went under just a couple of weeks ago.
The Marble label was then set up to cater for the artists signed to it. Check out Das Glow & Strip Steve’s ‘Clacium’ release on BNR Trax for some seriously head-banging techno.
This release was requested a couple of days ago, if you want to see something posted here, send me an email or comment on a post.


Artist: Das Glow
Genre: Electro house, glitch
Release: 2008

    1. Sunburnt

      This is what this release is all about. ‘Sunburnt’ is a huge track with ear-bleeding synth, big pounding kicks and a glitchy melody. Do I need to say more?

    2. Lite brite

      The light b-side to the monster track ‘Sunburnt’ is very mellow and soft. Bright quirky synths is what you get when you listen to this track. Check out the remix single for two remixes by Strip Steve and Qebrus, as well as a remix from Das Glow himself.


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