Emerald fantasy tracks

Having some trouble uploading things right now and I don’t see that fixing itself soon so instead I’ll just write about some albums I’ve been enjoying in the past few weeks. First up is Lone’s most recent album titled ‘Emerald fantasy tracks’. This one is more house flavoured compared to his previous works which were more ambient and trip-hop orientated. As always he uses his amazing synths to come up with the most colourful songs you can imagine.

We get introduced by chilled pads, tight melodies by ‘Cloud 909’ and ‘Aquamarine’ before going a little more into the depths of techno with ‘Ultramarine’ before emerging into the synth-drenched jungle of ‘Rissotowe_4’ and ‘Petrcane beach track’. The final track ‘The birds don’t fly this high’ is one of the mellower tracks on the LP and is very close in the style of his ‘Cluster dreams’ EP he released in 2009. The only downside of this album is that it is only 40 minutes long, there could have been even more awesomeness on this record than there is now.


Artist: Lone
Genre: House, deep house, techno
Release: 2010

    1. Cloud 909
    2. Aquamarine
    3. Moon beam harp
    4. Ultramarine
    5. Re-schooling
    6. Rissotowe_4
    7. Petrcane beach track
    8. The birds don’t fly this high

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