This is 808 State’s mini-album titled ‘Quadrastate’ which contains the famous track ‘Pacific State’ – a classic in both the techno and house genres. This five-and-a-half track album has a variety of sounds from the atmospheric pads of ‘Pacific State’ to the breakbeats of ‘Fire Cracker’ to the disco-influenced Detroit sound of ‘Disco State’. No wonder this release helped 808 State gain much attention back when it was released.

‘Pacific State’ is without a doubt the killer track here. Do I need to say more?
‘106’ is more of an interlude than an actual track with wild stabs and an unforgettable melody.
The track ‘State Ritual’ to sounds like it isn’t going anywhere until about 2:20 in when a mellow and soft synth line kicks in. But that doesn’t last too long and goes straight back to the weird melody the song has.

The flip side starts off with the amazing ‘Disco State’ with it’s bouncy bassline, Detroit style percussion, catchy riff and a very nostalgic melody. Don’t miss out on this track.
Breakbeat mayhem on the track ‘Fire Cracker’ with a bouncy acid-influenced bassline and chilled background synths. The ending is particularly entertaining.
The last track is ‘State to State’, borrowing some synths from ‘106’, this track has a clear euro-techno piano-bassline which will be featured on more 808 State tracks later on.


Artist: 808 State
Genre: Techno, house, acid house
Release: 1989

    1. Pacific state
    2. 106
    3. State ritual
    4. Disco state
    5. Fire cracker
    6. State to state
One Response to “Quadrastate”
  1. Mickey P. says:

    Bought this on release and it’s still a favourite. 😉

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