The seasons change

I post you some more Lone. This guy is just pure awesome when it comes to music. This mix showcases some of this trip-hop and downtempo songs more than his recent dancefloor oriented ones. Do listen if you want to discover some amazing new music that has never been made like this before.


Mixed by: Lone
Genre: House, experimental, downtempo, hip-hop, trip-hop
Release: 2010

    1. Lone – Fire rainbow east
    2. Lootpack – On point
    3. Lone – Arista tape groove
    4. Lone – Twilight groans
    5. Count Bass D – Real music vs. bullshit
    6. Lone – Rural urban binge
    7. Lone – Sungrazer cascade
    8. Letherette – Leabs
    9. Boards Of Canada – Red moss
    10. Lukid – Hot and cold
    11. Lone – Spring sun 707
    12. Plaid – Yak
    13. Lone – Once in a while
    14. Lone – Karen loves Kate


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