Ghetto style

Here is another one from my vinyl collection. DJ Funk’s ‘Ghetto Style’ EP featuring ‘Work it’ and other acid-ghetto tracks. If you want me to post anything from my amazingly huge vinyl collection just ask me and I might just post it here. Feel free to browse it here.


Artist: DJ Funk
Genre: Acid house, ghetto house, minimal
Release: 1996

    1. Work it

      Samples Michael Jackson’s ‘Bille Jean’, takes the bassline, some percussion and synths, DJ Funk puts on one hell of a ghetto house anthem.

    2. Playstation

      Minimal ghetto house does have it moments, this is surely one of it. The riff is bouncy, the kick vibrates your chest and the bass synth is pounding on your head like crazy.

    3. Work that bitch

      Another minimal ghetto track with a very basic sounding and underdeveloped acid bassline. The lyrics ‘Work that bitch’ are repeated throughout the song.

    4. Time warp

      Minimal acid this time, short but simple 303 bass with some stick percussion sounds for that unmistakable Chi-town flavour.


5 Responses to “Ghetto style”
  1. Baloo says:

    Can you post that B With U EP by Junior Sanchez?

  2. jb909 says:

    Do your collection contain any of Nick Holder’s older ep’s?

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