Chord memory remixes

Here is the remix single from Ian Pooley’s ‘Chord memory’ which was one of the first hits of the techno-wunderkind from Germany. His style is very unique, ranging from Detroit influenced techno to latin-american sounding deep house tunes. If you think you are missing some artists in your collection you should look into Ian for some timeless gems.


Artist: Ian Pooley
Genre: Techno
Release: 1996

    1. Chord memory – Mark Bell mix 1

      Uplifting deep techno from Mark Bell with some of the original samples poking through at times. Wonderful.

    2. Chord memory – Mark Bell mix 2

      This mix should be played directly after his first mix as it is a build-up to this mix. Mix #2 doesn’t screw around and goes straight into the chorus part with booming kicks and deafening basslines.

    3. Chord memory – Daft Punk mix

      Most of you may know this mix. To me it is the weakest mix on this single mainly because Daft Punk didn’t continue with the techno flavour of the original, instead we have a housey bassline and some synths, as well as the WDPK station-ID.

    4. Chord memory – Richard Benson mix

      The last remix on this 12″. Bass-filled tribal drums and ear-cutting deep synths with techy 909 percussion and the ‘rock the discotheque’ sample make for an epic combo.


3 Responses to “Chord memory remixes”
  1. Baloo says:

    Daft Punk’s mix the weakest? Man, you should rename this blog a Techno blog 😛

    Also, you beat me to posting this release! Boo

  2. I win 😀

    I think it’s the weakest because the other ones are just better imo, not to say the Daft Punk remix is shit, I love it but I love the other ones too.

  3. Although I do like the song. It is the weakest!! Great site btw!

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