Velvet tracks

Here is a 1994 classic EP from Green Velvet featuring the track ‘The preacher man’. I added a little feature on the right sidebar that tells you the upcoming post topics I chose for this week (just above the flag counter if you still can’t find it). This is how it will work, I’m going to post something from Robert Hood and a request for something from Junior Sanchez this week, then next week I will make a list of what I will post and update the list. Easy to follow right?


Artist: Green Velvet
Genre: Gloomcore, techno, house
Release: 1994

    1. The preacher man

      There is a famous acapella used in this track, the one about the game called ‘house’, remember that one? Anyway, this track is a mid-paced hard pounding acidy techno track. This track is a classic in both the house and techno genres.

    2. Off the hook

      Minimal jacking track with a lot of percussion switches and filters.

    3. They came from outer space

      The instantly recognised snare sound in this track has been featured in many successful house tracks from early Chicago house to some French house songs. Lovely filters on the stretched-out bassline.


2 Responses to “Velvet tracks”
  1. Baloo says:

    Do you have the EP of this with the acapella of Preacherman?

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