B with u

This is another item from my vinyl collection posted by request. This 12″ is one of Mr. Snachez’ better know ones and has a funky sound to it. Very good vocals from house diva Dajaé send this song into another dimension, but if you prefer that the music does the talking, there is also a dub version included. To finish this 12″, we get another dub version with and 80s influenced bassline and a club mix from the Rhythm Masters.


Artist: Junior Sanchez
Genre: House
Release: 1999

    1. B with u – Junior’s main mix

      You should know this track very well, especially if you have listened to good amount of house sets from the 1999-2003 era. This track is one of those that you can never forget, catchy yet meaningful lyrics, groovy melody and a driving bassline. Enjoy!

    2. B with u – Junior’s make your body wet dub

      This is more an instrumental version than a dub but who cares? This is basically the original but without the lead vocals from Dajaé. /ul>
      3. B with u – Rhythm Masters club mix

        It started off with the bassline and some vocals, the beat kicks in and then that familiar synth drops and you are in heaven.

      4. B with u – Rubix Cube dub

        Imagine a Röyksopp song but housed up, this be what you would get. 80s style bassline and lead synth, minimal vocals since it’s a dub version. Watch the flute at the end!



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