Love thang

Took a week off from posting, hope you don’t mind. Back with more garage house from the Strictly Rhythm label. If there is one label that still exists today that puts out real house music it has to be this one. If you own any of the records released on this label you own a piece of timeless house music history. For the ones in the know, Armand van Helden is Banji Boys, yet his style doesn’t show on this release.


Artist: Banji Boys
Genre: Garage house
Release: 1993

    1. Love thang – Cat walk mix

      This is the mix you want on this single, nostalgic garage chords, quirky, yet soul-filled vocals and striking synth all backed up with that classic early 90’s garage bassline that defined the style.

    2. Love thang – Buttom-up mix

      Bouncier that the ‘Cat walk mix’ but lacking in some of the synths. Minimal arrangement makes this one perfect for acapellas to be mixed over.

    3. Love thang – Energizer bunny mix

      This mix does exactly what is is called. More energetic synth with another garagy chord line, more chopped up vocals. This one has this ‘rave stadium’ feel to it.

    4. Love thang – Runway mix

      Up for a surprise? THis is the mix for you, start-stop beat programming and a tropical-sounding synth that I have only heard in so called ‘French house’ songs that weren’t around for another five years or so.



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