& down

This will be my last post for a while and it’s a good one! I’m off to Germany for a couple of weeks on Wednesday and won’t be posting much or anything at all until I’m back, make sure you get your requests in while I’m gone. This is one of the big singles from his ‘Oi oi oi’ album which received great feedback from pretty much everywhere and its sound still influences electronic artists today.


Artist: Boys Noize
Genre: Electro house
Release: 2007

    1. & down – extended edit

      The extended edit of ‘& down’, you should all be familiar with that song. Now you can have even more of it.

    2. Wisconsin ’95

      Very housey song with bright synths and the classic Boys Noize feel.

    3. & down – Teenage Bad Girl remix

      Using some of the main elements of the song, Teenage Bad Girl takes the original to a new dimension with more bleeps, pitch bends and distorted synths you could ever imagine. Definitely a remix worth its salt.


2 Responses to “& down”
  1. vicky says:

    safe and happy travels!

  2. Mark says:

    Love this Shrine to the daft of the punk. Keeping the house music dream alive! Peace 😛

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