The Journey Home

Drexciya, masters of Detroit techno. This is one of my favourites of their work. Kraftwerk influenced techno as far as your ears can hear it, spacy 303 synths and a hint of nostalgia make this record one of the best I have ever listened to.
I’ve been looking of more music to post from my collection but it seems to narrow down to either house, techno or garage house at this point, so, if you want something different send me a mail or comment on this post if you want to request a single/EP.

Happy listening!


Artist: Drexciya
Genre: Detroit techno, acid
Release: 1995

    1. Black Sea

      An intense song, my personal favourite of this 12″. Listen for yourself and find out why this is a masterpiece.

    2. Darthouven Fish Men

      This seems like the odd track on this EP, for some reason it doesn’t fit in that well with the other tracks.

    3. Hydro Theory

      Dark bass with hard percussion, bleepy synths with a haunting background whisper; dark techno at its finest.

    3. Journey Home

      Expect the unexpected with this song. Gameboy theme song style sound with techy beats and uplifting synths.


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