Viadrina – Itʻs ok

Just recently stumbled across these guys, they make deep house; the good old kind. The originals are Chicago influenced dance floor gems you should not miss out on. Deep piano chords, 909 percussion, catchy vocals and lots more. Listen for yourself. The remixes arenʻt that bad either; Kool Dekʻs remix adds more of that 80ʻs house flavour to it than the original ever could. But then…the Florian Blauensteiner remix, the reason why I posted this release. It is a unblieveably good remix that pulls itʻs roots from Chi-town like the other songs on here but it takes the deep route, adds Mr. Finger-style chords, some of that M.A.W. sound, even some more recent deep techy house from Toni Lionni. Itʻs songs like that that make house music worthwhile for me, those little songs that you have to look around for for quite some time. Enjoy this one!


Artist: Viadrina
Genre: Deep house
Release: February 2012

    1. Do you really want this?
    2. Itʻs ok
    3. Do you really want this? – Kool Dek 909 is a joke remix
    4. Do you really want this? – Florian Blausteiner remix

Juno records
Klasse Recordings

2 Responses to “Viadrina – Itʻs ok”
  1. Florianʻs remix also reminds me of some Masters at Work song or remix but I canʻt quite put my finger on which one it was, itʻs bugging me a lot 😦

  2. Also, that white rectangle on the main page doesnʻt seem to disappear no matter what setting I play with 😦

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