Conforce – 24

Dark haunting tech pads, deep house synth lines, tubed 808 kicks, dub stabs. What else is there? Conforce definitely stands up to his name with this release. ʻGrainʻ is the dark acid influenced to start this release off on the right foot, followed by ʻBe there at nightʻ, equally dark but in a different way. This brings us to the Gesloten Cirkel remix of ʻ24ʻ, she adds a lovely thick 808 kick and deep Chicago-style synths. But those songs are nothing compared to the Berlin-style techno stomper that is called ʻ24ʻ, even though the label and the artist are from the Netherlands this has a very German sound to it – deep bass, sharp hats, nostalgic synths sprinkled with a bit of dub here and there.


Artist: Conforce
Label: Clone/Clone Basement Series
Genre: Deep/dub techno
Release: March 2012

    1. Grain
    2. Be there at night
    3. 24 – Gesloten Cirkel remix
    4. 24

Juno Records
Clone Facebook

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