The Hacker – Shockwave

There is a video on YouTube of Gesaffelstein playing his remix of this song, that remix is the only reason why you should get this single. It is mind blowing, fusing modern day techno with classic Anasthasia stabs of the rave era. Even though that remix overshadows all the other songs it doesn’t mean they aren’t good. The original has a really nice acid line and a Kraftwerk inspired rising electro synth. Mark Archer (Altern 8!) adds a breakbeat, a well-known hip-hop sample and the classic stab breakdown into his mix. Due to an error on the Junodownload site with the release date being in March last year you can actually buy it right now 😀


Artist: The Hacker
Label: Different
Genre: Techno, breakbeat, acid
Release: March 2012

    1. Shockwave – Gesaffelstein remix
    2. Shockwave
    3. Shockwave – Mark Archer remix
    4. Bass

Juno Records

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