WK7/Head High – Do it yourself/Rave

Been busy moving house in the last couple of weeks and I apologize for not posting a lot. But this should change because this here is a post. I post this because the former editor of this blog ‘glass’ keeps posting these lovely techno videos and mixes on facebook of which I can’t get enough of. Both WK7 and Head High are actually the same guy, he is usually known as ‘Shed’ and makes some delicious beats. He produces a lot of different styles of techno, from deep to rave-inspired pieces. For this one he chose the latter. Colourful piano stabs, atmospheric synths, groovy sub-basslines and cold techno hats. Both tracks are just what you are looking for when you are feeling a little down and need a healthy dose of delicious techno. Enjoy!


Artist: WK7/Head High
Label: Power House
Genre: Techno
Release: May 2012

    1. Do it yourself
    2. Rave – Dirt mix

WK7 – Do it yourself
Head High – Rave (Dirt mix)

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