Computer Graphics – Synthavision

Just found this, voluptuous EP from a prodigious diminutive label based in Washington DC, specializing in bass-heavy opulent tunes ranging from grime to UK garage to fidgety 80s electro house and anything in between. Lately I’ve had a penchant for sensuous and fresh music but this one hits the spot perfectly. From the deep grooves of ‘Time gate’ we are taken on a journey from the kaleidoscopic lushness to the soulful rhythm of the ardent vocal layers. ‘Elevator song’ is a blithe take with vivacious female vocals and tender keys. ‘Synthavision’, the title track, is a slow-paced jam with an augment arpeggio and a facile yet striking main lead melody. More techy than the other tracks, yet is still refined and very melodious with a hint of Lone.


Artist: Computer Graphics
Label: Car Crash Set
Genre: UK Funky
Release: March 2013

Juno Records
Car Crash Set

“I’m driving to the beach, top down”

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